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JaguarPreserve was formed in 2013 after several years of research and development dedicated to finding a solution to a problem long associated with the Jaguar V-12 engine, that of engine overheating. Many times, this problem has resulted in owners spending thousands of dollars trying to keep their beloved Jaguars on the road, often with marginal success. Having developed a lubrication cooling system modification which not only provides relief from this issue on hot days driving on the street but also allows the Jaguar V-12 to be run on track successfully, we are currently developing a marketable system for the aftermarket which I plan to have available in the fall of 2021.

In addition to the lubrication system modification, we are making available the other modifications and tools we have found or developed along the way for the Jaguar XJS and will be expanding the product offerings on our website as we develop them. It is our goal to provide the finest quality products that can’t be found elsewhere to the Jaguar XJS owner at a fair price.  I hope you enjoy our website and find our YouTube channel, The Camp Chaos Chronicles, entertaining.

Now get out there and start turning wrenches!!!

Robert Knodt (AKA Capt. Chaos)

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